Yggdrasil is the tree of life in Norse Mythology. At its roots are the three sisters weaving the fate of humanity. They represent the past, the present and the future and are called, Urd, Verdandi, and Skuld.

These three themes, together with Yggdrasil, are interpreted for this rug collection through a heartfelt remix of London Graffiti; A tribute to the voices of the street in connection with the ancient wisdom that binds us all.

Hand Tufted

New Zealand Wool


Yggdrasil – the design depicts the branches of The Tree of the World spreading out from the centre creating a kaleidoscopic effect of the ever-changing creation


Urd (past) – a web of dark and light memories, connections, feelings, mysterious and beautiful


Verdande (present) – a flowing grid of bigger and smaller elements, some light, some dark, some in colour and some saturated


Skuld (future) gives an illusion of a structure, but where each new moment is full with abundant flow and blossoms

Yggdrasil unites art and industrial design, London Street culture with ancient Norse Mythology

— Yorgo Lykouria
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