With the simplicity found in the brush strokes of Japanese calligraphy as its starting point, the Traverse Satellite built upon the silhouette of the original Traverse Conference Table. Traverse Satellite is a mid-sized table collection featuring rectangular and round top options in a variety of sizes and materials that include glass, Corian, wood veneer and laminate. The original table’s diagonal wood sawhorse legs inspire the new version’s sleek diagonal legs that are available in painted and brushed anodized aluminum.

There is a standing height variation which acts as a venue for quick discussions, great for open break areas to encourage interaction.

Traverse Satellite exhibits Okamura’s incomparable attention to detail and pragmatic technological integration which upgrades the simplest meeting spaces. The legs’ triangular shape combined with their angled attachment make them appear thinner and reinforce the tables’ sleek modernity. Inside each leg is a concealed compartment for wiring.

The thinking behind Traverse Satellite for Okamura.

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