Ideas flow, naturally

Despite its complexity, nature is one beautifully cohesive entity, from the tiniest creatures working invisibly to create a flourishing ecostem to the vast weather systems.

Nature informed our design concept. Its presence is felt in the subtle form language of the chairs, the natural geometries of the tabletop shapes, and/ in the details.

The simplicity of these pieces belies the superb ergonomic design that ensures extended periods of comfort.


Every component of the Phlox chair has been carefully considered for its impact on the environment.

The structural shell is made from 100% recycled polypropylene, salvaged from the manufacturing processes of other products, and designed to reduce CO2 emissions.

Re:net the upholstered fabric which was newly developed for Phlox is made from salvaged fish nets from Japan’s sea, then knitted together with recycled PET yarns to create a deeply shaded and sustainable textile.

Phlox is easily dissembled into separate components to ensure recyclability after a long use-life.

Phlox, also known as midnight candy, is a flower that defies expectation, blossoming at night when the world is apparently asleep. Nature doesn’t sleep. A reminder that we too cannot cease in our efforts to save the planet.

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