Design is an orchestration of all the senses to create a sense of belonging in the moment, and touch is our true connection with reality.

— Yorgo Lykouria


TOCCO is a capsule hardware collection of  levers and pulls that are sustainable, interchangeable and sensory sensitive. Offering an infinite range of colours, and two different handle grips – smooth and textured – to meet the tactile preference of all users.

The TOCCO Collection grip is made of ECONYL®, a regenerated-nylon that can be recycled an indefinite number of times without affecting the quality of the material. The choice of the ECONYL® actively contributes to the reduction of the global warming up to 90% compared to the use of the virgin nylon. TOCCO Collection project represents a commitment to sustainability and truly responsible practices.

We chose to partner with ECONYL® for the grip component to support the active removal of plastics from the ocean, giving waste materials a new life in a product designed to be recycled again after its life. Everything we do from now on must benefit the planet.

— Yorgo Lykouria


pba collaborated with RainlightSTUDIO and Kay Sargent to deepen our understanding of sensory stimulation in the built environment and how this can impact individuals occupying the space, specifically neurodiverse individuals. Our goal is to offer designers a complete range of door hardware, levers and pulls, giving them the option to choose color and texture to design the most inclusive space for all users.


“To allow all employees to thrive, office designs need to remain fluid and adaptable. Employers can improve employee wellness and productivity by offering a wide range of choices, allowing people to continually select the best space for their individual needs.” Kay Sargent | Cognitive and Sensory Wellbeing Design Consultant.

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