Working does not always mean doing.

Nagare, means ‘flow’ in Japanese. Flow is a state in nature that embodies change, and it is a state of mind when we are at our best.

Modern life is predicated on speed. When we include nature as a companion to our work, we bring harmony and a point of reference back into our daily lives. Nagare is a range of seating and tables that brings a gentle sense of movement and quiet refuge into the workplace.

The Nagare collection consists of two distinct families – Lounge and Platform. Each piece possesses a sculptural quality that makes a bold aesthetic statement.  Each design includes useful details such as power and USB ports and is accompanied by accessories that allow the user to transform their space to meet their needs. These features make the collection ideal for a variety of interior types including lounge, workplace, education and hospitality. The pieces are carefully designed to help people work more effectively whenever and wherever work might happen.


Nagare contains a system of components that allow for user adaptability. These include weighted floating armrests, wooden side tables, integrated power and data ports and tablet cushions that function as impromptu workspaces.

Bringing nature to work.

Platform is a light counterpoint to Nagare Lounge. The series reflects a finer aesthetic that allows users to perch on its versatile, horizontal plane to perform any number of activities. It is designed to facilitate informal ways of working in the communal environments of the office – such as reception areas, break-out spaces, cafes and co-working environments. Available with or without a back, it encourages collaborative activities and impromptu meetings. Platform also provides solo workers the opportunity to spread out and have space to think.

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