Supporting the range of needs in today’s open office environments is challenging. The IRYS pod combines the flexibility of an office pod with the quality and performance of a permanent office space.

While many organizations have added areas that support collaboration, the demand for enclosed, reflective spaces usually exceeds their availability. Installing these spaces can be disruptive, time-consuming and difficult for workers and workplaces.

The IRYS pod makes it easy to add an enclosed space to an open plan. Each pod features a fully-contained work environment for 1-3 people including a ceiling, lighting, air treatment and access to power.

Developed as a collaborative effort between Clestra Hauserman and Rainlight, Steelcase is the exclusive vendor of IRYS in North America.

Easy to order and install, the IRYS pod ships in just 2 weeks and requires only one day for installation, allowing spaces to be quickly transformed to meet the changing needs of today’s workers.

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