Free-range thinking.

We’re not meant to be sitting on a chair in front of a box. The office should be a destination – a place where people want to be– where they can feel effective and enjoy being.  Townhall is designed to strike the right balance between chaos and the rigidity of a typical workstation. We want people to have free reign. This collection enables its users to have the flexibility to create their own spaces based on their individual needs. Townhall addresses the new normal, creating a toolkit for users to invent spaces where would all love to work.

Peak Lounge

Celebrating fidget behavior, Rock’s unique shape supports an upright posture preferred for work with a rocking base that encourages action and motion.

Picnic is a collection of seated-height and standing-height tables, benches, and stool that turns underutilized, out-of-the-way spaces into agile touchdown areas for personal or team work.

Summit is a two-legged, lightweight stool that de-clutters the visual landscape with its versatile, stack-able design. The gentle rocking motion allows users to find the perfect and most productive sitting posture.

Wedge is a multi-purpose, soft-seating solution that signals occupancy and provides privacy for individuals seeking solitude.

Designed for Allsteel, Townhall groups movable soft seating, tables, and accessories into multi-functional and agile micro-environments for individual and group work in shared, open spaces.

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