Ambitus is an innovative high-performance luminaire designed for Austrian manufacturer Zumtobel, one of the world’s most well-respected lighting manufacturers. Yorgo Lykouria collaborated with Zumtobel over a ten-year period of extensive research and development, in a time when the lighting industry made the seismic shift to LED. This distinctive circular luminaire unites state-of-the-art technology with nuanced architectonic form.

Distinguished by a circular shape, Ambitus achieves optimal human centric lighting with maximum efficiency over a 360-degree light distribution, challenging a sector dominated by linear forms. With material lightness in a streamlined 24mm profile suspended by 1.3mm wires (distributing power and data) without visible electrical cables, this pendant luminaire achieves an outstandingly filigree quality that resides harmoniously within any environment.

Human Centric Lighting

Light has various effects on our perception of the environment; It works visually, emotionally and biologically. Consistent with the aspirations for high performance, the Ambitus light engine offers tunable white direct and indirect lighting to adjust colour temperature to achieve harmony with human circadian rhythms.  When we discovered a third photoreceptor in the human eye at the turn of the millennium, we recognized the function that colour temperature plays in nature, turning on and off melatonin production to aid sleep cycles. The colour temperature in Ambitus is controlled via programmed lighting systems or by direct user control via a smart phone.

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