The design process for Origami and Paper involved the exploration of paper folding and pattern-making by identifying repetition, scale and line weight, in order to sculpt complexity out of simplicity. Both collections are composed of solution-dyed nylon. The three patterns in each group are designed to be used alone or in combination with their counterparts, resulting in a variety of possible design expressions.


Paper is an exploration of pattern-making.  Inspired by the mutable capabilities of the medium, Paper imitates gestures created through the process of crimping, tearing, creasing and crumpling this soft, elegant material. The collection tells a delicate visual story with soft patterns and rich under-stated colour that work well alone or together. Paper is manufactured in 14-ounce, 18″ x 36″ planks.


Origami explores the art of paper folding and its influences on craft, combining pattern, scale and line weight to sculpt complexity out of simplicity. Origami is manufactured in 14 ounce 24” x 24” planks.

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