The next chapter of ‘technical elegance’.

In our approach to design, the client matters. Tecno’s Legacy includes some of Italian Design’s finest moments. Reviewed decade by decade, these objects are a reflection of their times. Tecno has a strong reputation for operating at the leading edge. When we considered Tecno’s motto, ‘Technical Elegance,’ we became aware that we were contributing to its next chapter.

As humans crave a connection to nature, we approached the design for Aura as a cocoon for meditation and solitude within the buzz of modern-day life. We explored new materials and processes in order to craft a naturalistic envelope, wrapping the user in a refuge of meditation, concentration and solitude within any environment. It’s a chair you sink into and do not want to leave.

Aura is comprised of a mono-satin methacrylate monocoque shell, which is available in various colours with an upholstered pad that is removable and can be upholstered in most fabrics. The base is die-cast and powder coated to reflect the nature of the shell.

Aura was inspired by a flower and designed to feel like an embrace.

— Giuliano Mosconi Tecno CEO
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