Built for longevity.

A new approach to sustainability.

Inspired by a way of making that leverages both craft and technology, WorkSmith celebrates materiality and construction. Using robust materials and logical construction, the design is optimized for manufacturing and made in California, just outside Los Angeles.

The series’ solid oak table and desk tops accumulate character through wear over time while the frame’s castings are bolted together to reflect its simple and functional assembly. This is an expression of the function first approach of the Makerspace movement that invites the weathering of a multidisciplinary and collaborative environment.

Each piece’s design is devised of components that are in service to their utility. Seated and standing height tables can serve different functions or provide alternate options based on user preference. Stools are designed in two adjustable heights, both of which reach standing height. The cabinets are modular and stackable and can be installed with or without doors. Serving an array of needs, the collection includes mobile easels which can be used for brainstorming, presenting visual concepts and dividing space. The cart is made mobile by its bicycle wheels that can be used as a standing height table.

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