Part Laboratory.
Part Workshop. Part Studio.

Susan Grossinger and Yorgo Lykouria met in 2014 and founded Rainlight Studio (“Rainlight”) in 2018 as an integrated firm spanning London and Los Angeles. With client collaborations across North America, Europe, and Asia, we discover the needs of a changing world through cross-cultural research and a network of expertise in various sectors.

Part Laboratory, part Workshop, part Studio, Rainlight™ product design combine inspired design thinking with business acumen to enhance how people live, work, and play in the real world.

We are a synergy of business and culture that understands market drivers. We call it desire. The ‘market’ is composed of people with their own thoughts, impulses, and emotions. Our true end-user is human nature itself. Rainlight creates experiences to evoke wonder through resonance with human emotion.

Our work explores new ways of thinking to create products that break the mould, yet appear that they’ve been there all along. It is a privilege and responsibility to create for the human-made world and we look to the future as a better place that is our responsibility to deliver. It is about materials and processes that affect the environment and it is also about the images we place in human consciousness. Form matters. Our work today is a message for the future.

We use design thinking as a way of answering a question or responding to a challenge, and we are aware that a single process does not suit every occasion. That is why our work begins with research and planning a process that will guide us and our client towards realising a vision that is relevant for our times and resonates with people.