Rainlight is a London based design studio with a global perspective, working with clients across North America, Europe, and Asia. We bring creative synergy to business with an insight into market drivers, cultural progress, and human values.

We are a talented, widely experienced multi-disciplinary team responding to the demands of a changing world with depth of research led by a human-centric vision.

We believe that design is an art and a science that defines optimal, sustainable and beautiful solutions. We boldly follow our intuition, confident in the balance of our knowledge and experience. As designers, we are responsible for the world we create, while preserving natural resources and improving human well-being, which must always be the foundation of our creative process.

Rainlight creates the artefacts and spaces that enhance how people live, work, and play in the real world.

Founder | Creative Principal

Yorgo Lykouria, FRSA (Fellow Royal Society of Arts)

Founder and Creative Principal, with over twenty years of international experience earning the world’s most prestigious awards for his work in architecture, design and filmmaking,  Lykouria leads this talented studio with a multi-faceted approach to problem solving and creative thinking that produces relevant and innovative design solutions for every project. His work spans aviation, commercial mixed-use, residential, education and industrial design, including automotive.

With a broad experience spanning workspace, residential, aviation, healthcare and education, his collaborative human-centric philosophy design creates resonant visionary work with purpose.

“Every project begins with a blank page, a robust exchange of ideas and diligent research. In our work, we create a unique process for every project so that unexpected solutions emerge that solve profound functional and technical challenges and most importantly, create tangible excitement.”

“Lykouria, reintroduces moments of conscious reflection, pleasure and awe into everyday life, turning the prosaic into poetry. From “Industrial Poet.”

Simon Cowell, Architectonic.

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