Bringing Art to Science.

Kewaunee Scientific tapped Rainlight to design a new laboratory benching system that drives innovation in scientific research. The prospect of re-visioning the modern laboratory offered a new frontier to apply Rainlight’s strategic design methodology. Working together with a team of lab architects and planners, Rainlight designed this new laboratory benching system by embracing the principles found in the modern workplace, powered by computing and collaboration.

The traditional laboratory is perceived as an environment for independent and solitary work. As we are seeing positive results emerging from multi-disciplinary team research in science, we embraced the idea of the laboratory as design studio.

The second key design aspiration was the negation of clutter, creating an environment where the mind can work at its best, by eliminating physical and visual distractions. The result is Coda bench, a table system that encourages face to face and remote collaboration through integrated technology.

Coda was designed according to rigorous international lab planning criteria; flexibility to accommodate equipment within the span of the bench, height adjustable table components for seating or standing height operation,  height adjustable shelving with integrated power and lighting, channels for gas water integration, modularity, and the ability to adapt the bench to specific structural building grids.

Storage elements augment the CODA system with aesthetically compatible mobile pedestals and glass fronted storage  cabinets. There is a powered height-adjustable heavy equipment table, and a system of mobile table elements called GO, that can be configured as lab benches in themselves.

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