Scavolini Box Life Launches at Salone Del Mobile 2018

Kb-Eye, Salone 2018:

Inspired by the trend for open-plan living and the blurring of boundaries between the kitchen and other areas, Scavolini will introduce Box Life at EuroCucina. Envisioned by international design studio Rainlight and its creative director, Yorgo Lykouria, Box Life is a unique modular storage system that can be used throughout the home.

An unprecedented and comprehensive and modular system, distinguished by superior adaptability, Scavolini and Rainlight designed Box Life to support the increasingly nomadic lifestyle of sophisticated city dwellers and those who have limited square footage available, but do not want to forgo comfort.

The heart of the project is the idea of concealing furniture and appliances. Box Life cabinets could contain a kitchen, a bed – behind a vertical bottom-hinged flap – storage space or a laundry area. This makes it possible to create linear, corner or U-shaped solutions responsive to the setting. The exemplary ‘Switch’ cupboards feature retractable doors, which can house up to four appliances, an additional sliding worktop, multiple shelves and storage drawers, as well as sliding panel systems.

The undisputed starring role is played by the panelling. The handles and pulls were devised to guarantee comfort and the utmost stylistic continuity – recessed handles are fitted on the external panels, whereas the panels on the inside can be opened with a pull.

This system is ideal for the compact and bijoux contemporary home, where the distinction between kitchen, living room and bedroom is increasingly blurred. Designed especially for the contract furnishing market, Box Life accommodates both the desire for custom-made environments as well as the widespread requirement on the part of designers to find standardised solutions to accommodate new lifestyles.

Il Giornale, Salone 2018:

Scavolini has imagined, with Box Life (designed by Rainlight), a complete functional organization, hidden by foldaway doors, which from the appliances reach the laundry and then the folding bed or the closet.

Jiaju Sina, Salone 2018:

In the kitchen area, the most amazing thing is the brand-new comprehensive system Box Life , which uses a board to “hide” and guarantee the neatness and orderliness of all items. The success of Box Life comes from the powerful sliding door system and electric lift system. It can accommodate and hide the different spaces of the residence, forming a coherent and orderly whole: the kitchen, the living room, and the unprecedented extension to the bedroom. This is also Scavolini’s strongest product in the market. For the first time through a system providing a wide range of adaptable bedroom furniture systems – under the cover of a “plate”, it can be an automatic lifting bed, or it can be a fully functional cloakroom!

Interior Russia, Salone 2018:

The Box Life project was developed by Scavolini in conjunction with the Rainlight design studio and its creative director Yorgo Lukoria. Box Life – a smart concept for building an interior, addresses the needs of megacity inhabitants, who may be limited in square footage, but do not want to give up comfort. The system allows you to create a compact and elegant modern interior, where the boundaries between the kitchen, living room and bedroom are maximally blurred, providing space flexibility and the possibility of individual settings.

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Stephanie Miller
Director of PR

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