OfficeInsight Celebrates the Birth of Rainlight Studio (“Rainlight”)

Rainlight Design Studio Okamura Traverse Conference Table

Okamura Traverse Conference Table

Rainlight Okamura Traverse Conference Table“Rainlight design represents the aspiration to bring a fresh perspective into the world, driven by knowledge and experience, courage and passion, as well as belief.”

Rainlight Design Studio Titus Ventus Lux Chilled Beam

Rainlight Titus Ventus Lux Chilled Beam

“Our work begins with research and planning a process that, with our clients’ input will guide us toward realizing a vision that is relevant for our times and resonates with people.”

Rainlight Design Studio Arcadia Maker Space Furniture Collection

Rainlight Arcadia Maker Space Furniture Collection

“Lykouria and Grossinger form a synergy of business and culture that understands market drivers. Said Mr. Lykouria, “We recognize that the ‘market’ is composed of people with their own thoughts, impulses, and emotions. Our true end-user is human nature itself. At Rainlight we create experiences to evoke wonder through resonance with human emotion…It is a privilege and responsibility to create for the human-made world we spend our lives in. We look to the future as a better place that is our responsibility to help deliver. It is about materials and processes that affect the environment and it is also about the images we place in human consciousness. Form matters. Our work today is a message for the future.”

Rainlight Design Studio Koleksiyon Tabula Desk

Rainlight Koleksiyon Tabula Desk

“So as the new company, Rainlight, heads into that future, it does so with a large body of work behind it and a bright future ahead of it.”

Rainlight Design Studio Koleksiyon Rasa Pouf

Rainlight Koleksiyon Rasa Pouf

“As friends of Rainlight Studio as well as many of its clients, we wish them tremendous success with the new venture. We sense a most auspicious confidence in the two principals we met with; born from experience and blessed with a great beginning.”

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Stephanie Miller
Director of PR

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