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Report 07

Greg Lindsay Our Cities, Our Civilisation

This whole past year and a half has been this elaborate discussion about at what scale we want to live in or can we live in: do we want to have 15 minutes cities in the urban cores?

-Grey Lindsay

In this edition Yorgo Lykouria talks to journalist, urbanist, futurist, and speaker Greg Lindsay. They discuss how we can all live in a post-pandemic world, including European nations’ responsibility for refugees and the impact of global warming in areas such as the Pacific Northwest. The conversation explores moving from urban conurbations to more rural areas and the concept of the fifteen minute city. They discuss the idea of being able to live, work and play, all within a quarter of an hour, with examples cited throughout the world from Paris to Manhattan to Amsterdam. The pair also touch upon the impacts of infrastructure of the 15 minute city, from dark stores to shipping containers as food trucks.

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