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  1. Invention by necessity

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    The environmental crisis is yet to be solved. We cannot imagine what it would take for us to turn things around. If a caring sentiment for nature is not enough, let’s look beyond commerce as the driver of environmental harm, and consider it the potential saviour of our climate emergency. I want to promote that idea that business has the power and responsibility to steer us in the right direction.

    The modern world up to 2019 became accustomed to having any material, in any colour, delivered where we want it, whenever we want it. The old-world discipline imposed by necessity, by nature, and the climate were overwritten by the capabilities of our technological prowess. In our modern reality, we can scuba dive in the Nevada desert, we can ski on chilled enclosures within the Arabian Peninsula. We had become detached from necessity, and we enjoyed it.

    Every manufacturer in the world is currently experiencing logistical volatility due to material scarcity and long lead times. Rather than succumbing to a crisis state of mind and continue searching in vain for the materials that are not available, this is an opportunity to rethink our use of materials.

    Most of the materials we use for manufacturing and construction were invented by humans. If we lived in a world without plastics (as we did prior to 1907), nor metals, no wood, the world would be made of entirely different stuff. Our new reality drives us to reconsider our approach to design and manufacturing. With this new perspective, we can apply a new ethos whereby we choose or invent sustainable materials and processes to replace what we traditionally use. This is a time to return to necessity, the mother of invention.

    Starting with our own garden, two-thirds of England’s forests were depleted between 1200 to 1859 to provide raw materials for shipbuilding. These forests were not replenished and have since not returned. The number of people relying on forests around the world for their livelihood is currently 1.6 billion. While we have come a long way in sustainable stewardship of these natural resources, this commerce is one more reason to support the viability of the earth’s forests as a long-term resource. We need not mention that forests are the second largest carbon storehouse after the oceans. By regenerating our forests for the sake of rebuilding a sustainable resource to serve commercial demands, we will also serve human needs and make the planet a better place.

    Right now, there is 6.3 billion tons of waste plastic on earth, 269,000 of which is in our oceans. We produce 300 million tons of plastic each year. Reusing this waste amounts to supplying 21 years of plastic consumption. As a species with have the intelligence and ingenuity to make recycling a priority and to do it efficiently. There was a time when sewage used to run through the streets of London and into the Thames. We can change our habits.

    We know that generating renewable energy costs less that power stations burning gas and coal. Converting to renewables will create economic opportunity, make us energy independent and save the planet. Let every government and business on earth move towards a cleaner, sustainable and human future. Create the environment to leverage the international business community to do what it does best when there are challenges and opportunities.

    The current crises should not cower us. Instead, it should impel us to adapt. We must be resilient and determined to succeed as a species. This will unite us all.


    Yorgo Lykouria

  2. Yorgo Lykouria joins Janaury Frame Awards Jury

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    In January, Yorgo joined the Frame jury to vote on the projects and products nominated that month. Projects and products are evaluated according to the following criteria: innovation, creativity, functionality and sustainability. Jury votes for each submitted project or product will be visible to offer full transparency.

    “The Frame jury experience was a brilliant reconnection to wonderful peers in the design community and an awakening to the talent around the world”  Yorgo Lykouria.

    What considerations go into naming a Frame Awards submission an Interior of the Month? Discover what made the 5 highest scoring spaces really stand out to our January Jury. Join jury members Alexandra Georgescu, cofounder of KOGAA Studio, Sabine Krieg, deputy professor of retail design at Hochschule Düsseldorf, Yorgo Lykouria, founder and creative director of Rainlight Studio, Nills Gesman, architect and design sales manager at Cosentino for January’s Live Jury Session.



  3. Rainlight Studio wins competition with ELAN Media

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    Rainlight Studio has been appointed by ELAN Media, following a competition, to design the digital out of home advertising assets, including gateway totems and boulevard totems in the city of Lusail, Qatar.

    These elements are a central part of the planned city Lusail’s public realm, set to be unveiled in March next year and one of the proposed venues for the 2022 Qatar World Cup.  This dynamic development, located on the coast, north of Doha, will eventually have 450,000 people who will be able to enjoy amenities including marinas, commercial districts and luxury shopping.

    Rainlight Studio creative principal Yorgo Lykouria explains, “The artefacts we create for the urban environment are conceived to evoke wonder and beauty. These media sculptures represent an optimistic view towards the future of our cities.”

    The boulevard totems will be placed in the pedestrian realm and will stand at a height of 4.5 metres tall. These are fabricated in stainless steel plate to form a single continuous surface and will contain integrated LED screens. The 14m high Gateway totems are made of 3D formed and perforated stainless steel panels with a large, 5 x 9 metre embedded LED screen. The uncoated metalworks are advantageous for recycling. Steel is 100% recyclable and retains its full performance through endless recycling, making it a fully cradle to cradle material. Site works are being prepared this year with a proposed completion date of April 2022.

    Together, these elements create a world-class public realm, unifying technology and art to create objects of civic pride and international recognition.

    Read more on ELAN.qa


    Rainlight Elan Lusail Qatar BLVD totem 01 LR

    Boulevard Totem

  4. Yggdrasil Launches in London at Inside Norway

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    Showcasing the best of British design and Norse mythology, the Yggdrasil rug collection, combines exquisite design, skilled craftmanship and delicate natural materials. In this collaboration the designer Yorgo Lykoria and the creative lead of Volver Ksenia Stanishevski have translated the visionary and bold designs into modern masterpieces.

    Volver, which was introduced to Lykouria via the cross-cultural events, organized during the pandemic by the Design Dialogue UK and Norwegian Presence by Design and Architecture in Norway. They saw an opportunity to harness Lykouria’s multi-faceted approach with this exciting new partnership. The collaboration resulted in four rug design in tree color variations each

    In their design discussions, Yorgo and Ksenia, challenged the limits of art, design and craft. The original sketches are intricate highly detailed abstract compositions inspired by the London graffities. They are organic, wild and dark. These qualities were translated and modified to create exquisite luxury rugs with richness of textures, elevations and colors.

    The collection consists of four designs Yggdrasil, Urd, Verdande and Skuld. The rugs are  hand tufted with an excellent level of detail, equal to the craft applied in houte couture.

    Inside Norway
    This event brings together a selection of some of the best Norwegian manufacturers of contemporary retail and contract furniture and interior accessories.



  5. Phlox Launches at NeoCon

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    With the workplace environment dramatically changing, we have decided to produce a new collection for the one thing that is a constant in our world. With nature in mind, we are bringing a moment of calm to the evolving workplace.

    Rainlight collaborated with Okamura’s designers and engineers to develop the new Phlox series. It is a pleasure to collaborate once again with Okamura, following the tremendous success of the Traverse and Nagare series. Not only were they able to take our designs to production through these challenging times, but have exceeded all expectations in creating this series with precision and quality.

    The Phlox collection jointly developed with Rainlight and Okamura, is a collection that is suitable for a dramatically changing workplace environment, aiding in both physical and mental well-being.

    See more of Phlox at Okamura.com

  6. Ambitus on the Cover of Designer Magazine

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    Ambitus; designed by Rainlight for Zumtobel, is included in the October 2021 issue of Designer Magazine.  Ambitus made the cover and is shown in a double page spread as part of a feature on illuminating lighting.

    To read the October issue, view on issuu.com

  7. Rainlight Designs VIP Lounge at Workspace Design Show

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    Rainlight Studio are proud to have designed the VIP lounge at the Workspace Design Show, and will be featuring a number of products designed by Rainlight such as Ambitus for Zumtobel, Worksmith for Arcadia, and Aura for Tecno.

    Working together with OboLife, the UK dealer for Worksmith by Arcadia, this lounge is created as a place for being together in what could be the next workspace. The lounge is designed to represent the ephemerality of our world, enhanced by the recent year of remote working and our increased reliance on digital communications. The outside world is brought into our homes in a way that we never have experienced.

    The space has been constructed with sustainability in mind, using raw aluminium profiles and expanded metal mesh, which are 100% recyclable and do not contain any harmful coatings or use any harmful processes. The materials used have been carefully selected, raw aluminium was chosen for its toughness, sustainability merits and delicate feel. The company responsible for designing the material, AASK US, were very accommodating of Rainlight and obo’s design aspirations, fulfilling the brief sensitively and accurately. The flooring is provided by Interface and is CO2 negative which adds to the sustainability of the lounge.

    Please join us at the show on the 4th and 5th November to see the designs come to life!

    Register for tickets to the Workspace Show


  8. Rainlight featured on The Right Angle podcast with Elle Liu

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    In this episode of The Right Angle, Elle Liu interviews Yorgo Lykouria, Founder and Creative Director of Rainlight. The Right Angle is a podcast that focuses on the process of design where each episode will highlight real creatives with unique perspectives and experiences within the world of spatial design.

    Listen to this episode on apple, spotify, and google.

    See more at therightanglepodcast.com


  9. Ambitus by Rainlight for Zumtobel Shortlisted for FX Award

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    Ambitus has been shortlisted under the Lighting Category at the 2021 FX Awards. The prestigious FX Awards invite both British and international design talent from all over the world to enter the very best of interior products and projects. Organised by FX magazine, these coveted awards are one of the highlights of the design industry calendar, taking place just before the run-up to Christmas.

    Ambitus is an innovative high-performance luminaire designed for Austrian manufacturer Zumtobel, one of the world’s most well-respected lighting manufacturers. Yorgo Lykouria collaborated with Zumtobel over a ten-year period of extensive research and development, in a time when the lighting industry made the seismic shift to LED. This distinctive circular luminaire unites state-of-the-art technology with nuanced architectonic form.

    See the full shortlist on the FX Awards website


  10. Arcadia x Rainlight at NeoCon 2019

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    07/06/2019 – Arcadia takes part in NeoCon 2019 and presents its new collections of seating and table products for public spaces.

    Allsorts, designed by Rainlight 

    From its bold stature and relaxed seated style to its use of mixed materials and varied upholstery combinations, there are reasons aplenty to love AllSorts. With table and technology options providing multi-purpose functionality, this fun-spirited seating collection is designed to support individual work as well as offer a friendly atmosphere for group dynamics of all kinds.

    Smallsorts, designed by Rainlight

    Ideally suited for healthcare, education, retail environments and more, this kid-sized collection is playful in nature with oversized comfort and well-intentioned versatility. Together with its grown-up counterpart, youngsters of all sizes can have a space to call their own for transforming wait times into play times.

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  11. Living in a Box: Big ideas for small spaces

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    Rainlight Creative Director, Yorgo Lykouria, discusses microliving and BoxLife design with Anna Fixsen of Architectural Digest, Jenn Chang of Common, Elisa Orlanski Ours of Corcoran Sunshine, and Scavolini Creative Director Daniele Busca.

    54% of the 7.6 billion humans on earth live in cities; by 2050, that number is expected to rise to 66% of a forecasted world population of 9.6 billion. The strain is being felt around the globe, according to the United Nation‚’s World Urbanization Prospects 2014 report.

    In North America, about 82% of the total population, roughly 473.8 million people lives in urban areas. The number of single-person households is rising, although housing has not kept pace with demographic change. Many of the new units being built are shrinking, challenging municipal housing codes and zoning regulations. This problem is not going away. We need to question not only how we live but what we expect from our dwellings from a design perspective, both aesthetically and its functionality. It is time to explore alternatives, such as micro-units for single-person households and legal shared housing, which will inevitably impact how we organize and furnish our spaces.

    A panel of industry experts (developers and public sector experts) from North America to London, led by Rainlight Creative Director Yorgo Lykouria, will investigate the opportunities and challenges these global trends pose to the design community.

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  12. Traverse Satellite Designed by Rainlight Wins 2019 German Design Award

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    Okamura’s “Traverse Satellite” (S Conference Table), designed by Rainlight, has won the German Design Award 2019.

    The German Design Award is a globally recognized award given by the German Design Council which was founded in 1953 on the initiative of the German Bundestag, ever since it has been commissioned by the highest authority to represent new developments in the German design industry. Since 2012 it has been presenting the German Design Award with the aspiration to discover, present and reward unique design trends.

    Traverse satellite (S Conference Table) received “Special Mention” of Excellent Product Design in Office Furniture. The jury acknowledged its excellence by stating “Despite its large dimensions, the conference table has a light and refined appearance. The exposed, flat legs give it stability and provide plenty of legroom.”

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  13. OfficeInsight Celebrates the Birth of Rainlight Studio (“Rainlight”)

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    Rainlight Design Studio Okamura Traverse Conference Table

    Okamura Traverse Conference Table

    Rainlight Okamura Traverse Conference Table“Rainlight design represents the aspiration to bring a fresh perspective into the world, driven by knowledge and experience, courage and passion, as well as belief.”

    Rainlight Design Studio Titus Ventus Lux Chilled Beam

    Rainlight Titus Ventus Lux Chilled Beam

    “Our work begins with research and planning a process that, with our clients’ input will guide us toward realizing a vision that is relevant for our times and resonates with people.”

    Rainlight Design Studio Arcadia Maker Space Furniture Collection

    Rainlight Arcadia Maker Space Furniture Collection

    “Lykouria and Grossinger form a synergy of business and culture that understands market drivers. Said Mr. Lykouria, “We recognize that the ‘market’ is composed of people with their own thoughts, impulses, and emotions. Our true end-user is human nature itself. At Rainlight we create experiences to evoke wonder through resonance with human emotion…It is a privilege and responsibility to create for the human-made world we spend our lives in. We look to the future as a better place that is our responsibility to help deliver. It is about materials and processes that affect the environment and it is also about the images we place in human consciousness. Form matters. Our work today is a message for the future.”

    Rainlight Design Studio Koleksiyon Tabula Desk

    Rainlight Koleksiyon Tabula Desk

    “So as the new company, Rainlight, heads into that future, it does so with a large body of work behind it and a bright future ahead of it.”

    Rainlight Design Studio Koleksiyon Rasa Pouf

    Rainlight Koleksiyon Rasa Pouf

    “As friends of Rainlight Studio as well as many of its clients, we wish them tremendous success with the new venture. We sense a most auspicious confidence in the two principals we met with; born from experience and blessed with a great beginning.”

    Media Contact:
    Stephanie Miller
    Director of PR

  14. BOF Editor-in-Chief Rob Kirkbride applauds the launch of Rainlight Studio in a recent issue of The Business of Furniture:

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    Rainlight Design Studio Clestra Irys Demountable Wall System

    Rainlight Design Studio Clestra Irys Demountable Wall System

    “The thought process behind the Rainlight name comes from its locations. Since the firm has offices in London and Los Angeles, you get the ‘rain’ and ‘light.’ There is also the idea of conflict that is inherent in the product design process, a yin-yang tension that makes for the most innovative discoveries.”

    Rainlight Design Studio Okamura Traverse Conference Table

    Rainlight Okamura Traverse Conference Table

    “The new products Rainlight is helping its customers launch this year show the depth and breadth of its design skill. All are unique, and all are very different, designed to suit the customer, not pad Rainlight’s design portfolio. They are good examples of how Rainlight works with its customers as well, often taking them in different, unexpected directions.”

    Rainlight Design Studio Arcadia Make Space Furniture Collection

    Rainlight Arcadia Make Space Furniture Collection

    Media Contact:
    Stephanie Miller
    Director of PR

  15. Capturing the Unrealized:

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    LOS ANGELES/LONDON, 01 March, 2018 – Design begins with an open mind. This is the principle upon which Susan Grossinger and Yorgo Lykouria founded Rainlight Studio, a new international product design studio. Collaborating with leading manufacturers across the globe, the studio will unveil a slate of new products throughout 2018 at Salone del Mobile in Milan, Clerkenwell Design Week in London, NeoCon in Chicago and Orgatec in Cologne.

    Part laboratory, part workshop, part studio, Rainlight Studio embraces aspirational thinking to create products that enhance how people live, work and play.

    “The things we create embody thought,” said London-based Creative Director Yorgo Lykouria, who has more than two decades of experience in industrial design and architecture. “It’s about ideas that break the mould, yet appear timeless. Our work today is a message for the future.”

    “Great products have compelling stories,” added Partner Susan Grossinger, who is based in Los Angeles and has 34 years of experience in the design profession. “We founded Rainlight Studio to develop and tell these tales. We partner with ambitious manufacturers that also want to create these stories and that seek to lead, not follow, the market.”

    Anchoring design innovation with business acumen, Lykouria and Grossinger each contribute distinct yet complementary strengths to the new firm. Rainlight Studio represents their aspiration to bring a fresh perspective into the world, driven by knowledge and experience, courage and passion, as well as belief.

    Media Contact:
    Chardonnay Pickard-Fares
    Business and Marketing Manager

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