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  1. Living in a Box: Big ideas for small spaces

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    Rainlight Creative Director, Yorgo Lykouria, discusses microliving and BoxLife design with Anna Fixsen of Architectural Digest, Jenn Chang of Common, Elisa Orlanski Ours of Corcoran Sunshine, and Scavolini Creative Director Daniele Busca.

    54% of the 7.6 billion humans on earth live in cities; by 2050, that number is expected to rise to 66% of a forecasted world population of 9.6 billion. The strain is being felt around the globe, according to the United Nation‚’s World Urbanization Prospects 2014 report.

    In North America, about 82% of the total population, roughly 473.8 million people lives in urban areas. The number of single-person households is rising, although housing has not kept pace with demographic change. Many of the new units being built are shrinking, challenging municipal housing codes and zoning regulations. This problem is not going away. We need to question not only how we live but what we expect from our dwellings from a design perspective, both aesthetically and its functionality. It is time to explore alternatives, such as micro-units for single-person households and legal shared housing, which will inevitably impact how we organize and furnish our spaces.

    A panel of industry experts (developers and public sector experts) from North America to London, led by Rainlight Creative Director Yorgo Lykouria, will investigate the opportunities and challenges these global trends pose to the design community.

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  2. Business of Furniture: Rainlight Storms Ahead in its First Year of Business

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    Business of Furniture magazine – January 30, 2019 issue

    “Rainlight, the international product design studio based in London and Los Angeles, has garnered an impressive number of collaborations and awards in its first year of business. The company has collaborated with leading names in the world of furniture manufacturers, including Scavolini, Allsteel, Okamura, USAI, Carnegie Fabrics, Clestra, Mannington Com-mercial, Tecno. It also launched 12 new products at Salone del Mobile/Milan, Clerkenwell Design Week/London, Neocon/Chicago, AIA National Conference/New York, SDA Show-case/New York and Orgatec in Cologne.”

    Part laboratory, part workshop, part studio, Rainlight combines design innovation with business acumen. Accolades Rainlight has earned over the past year include:

    • Best of NeoCon 2018 Gold: Conference room furniture
    • Best of NeoCon Gold: Education Solutions (Satellite for Okamura)
    • Hip Awards NeoCon 2018: Product/workplace/furniture (Rock for Allsteel)
    • Interior Design BOY Awards for Education Furniture with Allsteel Townhall (Townhall for Allsteel)”

    Led by Susan Grossinger and Yorgo Lykouria, Rainlight enters 2019 in a strong position by making products that enhance the way people live and work. Further launches are planned throughout 2019 at many of the major global trade shows.

    “Product design is about the individual and their interaction with an object — it is the most personal of the design disciplines,” said Grossinger, who is based in Los Angeles. “Whether it’s your eyeglasses, the chair you sit in or your steering wheel, we all have a visceral interac-tion with design that affects our day-to-day life. The opportunity to make that experience extraordinary is in itself an exceptional experience.”

    Rainlight strives to create objects that are timeless and pioneering. “A trend is already yes-terday,” Lykouria said. “We begin our work open to all possibilities.”
    Its process starts with a philosophical question, refraining from the immediate urge to design.

    “The things we create embody thought,” said Creative Director Lykouria, who is based in London and has more than two decades of experience in industrial design and architecture. “Our work today is a message to the future,” he said.

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