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  1. Phlox Launches at NeoCon

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    With the workplace environment dramatically changing, we have decided to produce a new collection for the one thing that is a constant in our world. With nature in mind, we are bringing a moment of calm to the evolving workplace.

    Rainlight collaborated with Okamura’s designers and engineers to develop the new Phlox series. It is a pleasure to collaborate once again with Okamura, following the tremendous success of the Traverse and Nagare series. Not only were they able to take our designs to production through these challenging times, but have exceeded all expectations in creating this series with precision and quality.

    The Phlox collection jointly developed with Rainlight and Okamura, is a collection that is suitable for a dramatically changing workplace environment, aiding in both physical and mental well-being.

    See more of Phlox at Okamura.com

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