Rainlight Studio Ltd (“Rainlight”, “we” or “us”), is committed to protecting your personal information. All personal information provided by you or collected from third-party sources as part of the recruitment process is handled in accordance with privacy and data protection laws in the countries where Rainlight operates and on the terms set out in this Recruitment Privacy Statement. If you are hired by Rainlight, your personal information will be handled in accordance your Employee Handbook, which will be made available to you on your start date.

RAINLIGHT DOES NOT SELL PERSONAL INFORMATION TO OTHERS.  Residents of the European Union (“EU”) should refer to Section 7.0, Data Rights for information regarding their rights under applicable law.


Rainlight may collect your personal information orally, by telephone, in writing, by email, by publicly available sources, and by online application. Information obtained in the application, review, and selection of employees (referred to as the “recruitment process”) will be handled in accordance with applicable law. Rainlight collects personal information directly from the individual to whom it relates, except where that individual has consented to Rainlight collecting the personal information from a third party or the law otherwise permits Rainlight to do so.

Personal information may be collected from, and disclosed to, third parties as necessary during the recruitment process, to ensure that the information Rainlight has is correct and to determine whether the applicant is suited to the available position. Rainlight may take steps to verify that academic, training and professional qualifications are accurate and complete and, in appropriate circumstances due to the nature of the available position, we may carry out criminal background checks and/or drug testing. Third parties may include: (i) recruitment or human-resource service providers; (ii) testing facilities; (iii) former employers; (iv) social media/network accounts; (v) police and other law enforcement agencies; and (vi) employment screening companies.

In each case, Rainlight treats personal information in accordance with the relevant privacy and data protection laws in the country in which we are operating, and we will take reasonable steps to ensure the personal information that we store is current, accurate, complete and confidential.


2.1          Personal Information

Personal information means any information relating to a person or their household that enables them to be identified either directly or indirectly. Personal information that we hold about you may include your: (i) contact details (e.g. name, phone number, address and email address); (ii) academic qualifications; (iii) work experience; (iv) portfolio of work; (v) previous employment references; (vi) professional licenses; (vii) birth date; (viii) proof of identification; (ix) gender; (x) marital status; (xi) emergency contact information; (xii) spouse name; (xiii) spouse’s contact details; (xiv) dependents’ names; (xv) citizenship details (e.g. country of origin, visa, work permit, etc.); (xvi) current/past job titles; (xvii) current/past compensation; and (xix) C.V./ resume.

2.2          Sensitive Personal Information

Where required to do so by law, Rainlight collects information on the race/ethnicity of employees. In rare circumstances, when required by contract to do so, we may need to collect sensitive personal information about you, which may include criminal offenses committed by you or illegal drug screening results.  We will only use such sensitive personal information where we are legally able to so and in order to: (i) administer or process the job application that you have with us; and/or (ii) assess and respond to a complaint you might make relating to our job application process.


Your personal information is collected primarily for the purposes of evaluating your qualifications for the position(s) available at Rainlight. Your personal information will be used to: (i) select suitable employees for Rainlight; (ii) confirm information on resume, C.V., and cover letter is correct; (iii) equal opportunities/affirmative action research, reporting, and monitoring; (iv) respond to any complaints you might make to us; (v) for our own administrative purposes, including training our staff, conducting internal audits or transferring assets as part of a sale, purchase or investment in the business; (vi) improve services provided by Rainlight; (vii) assist you with any future requirements, including to answer reasonable inquiries by any of your future employers; and (viii) comply with Rainlight’s legal and regulatory obligations.


To process your data lawfully we will rely on one or more valid legal grounds. The grounds we will rely upon include:

  1. Our legitimate interests as a business (except where your interests or fundamental rights override these). For example, it is within our legitimate interests to use your data to prevent or detect fraud or abuses of our job application process and to verify your qualifications are as you represent them to be.
  2. Our compliance with a legal obligation. For example, we have a duty to investigate and check that you are legally entitled to work in the relevant country.

Where we process sensitive personal information about you, we rely on further legal grounds to process your information, in addition to those set out above, including:

  1. We are required by contract to obtain the sensitive personal information. For example, we may be required on a high security project, such as an airport project, to retain employees who can meet the security requirements mandated by law, the airlines and airport operator. Such requirements may include passing a criminal background check and/or illegal drug screening.


If you are successful and offered employment with Rainlight, your personal information will be retained and transferred to your personnel file and used to manage your employment relationship with Rainlight. If you are not successful, we will only retain your information to the extent permitted by law, including retaining a record of your application and, unless you tell us that you do not wish us to do so, we may retain a copy of your resume for potential future opportunities.


Rainlight is committed to: (i) seeking to safeguard all personal information that you provide to us; (ii) seeking to ensure that it remains confidential and secure; and (iii) taking all reasonable steps to ensure that personal privacy is respected.  We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your personal information from misuse, unauthorised access or disclosure and loss or corruption by computer viruses and other sources of harm. We restrict access to personal information to those staff members, subsidiary companies and third parties who need to know that information for the purposes set out in this Recruitment Privacy Statement.

7.0         DATA RIGHTS

7.1         EU Residents.  The EU GDPR provides EU residents with certain rights discussed below. EU residents also have the right to lodge a complaint with their local data protection authority if they believe that their personal information is not being processed in accordance with the law. EU residents may contact Rainlight regarding any of these rights by email at privacy@rainlightstudio.com or by mail Rainlight Studio Ltd, Exmouth House 3-11 Pine Street, London EC1R 0JH; Attention: Corporate Compliance Officer.  Rainlight will respond within a reasonable time period, in any event, within any time period specified by law. Persons exercising these rights will be required to submit a proof of identity. If you are an EU resident, you have the right to:

  1. Obtain a copy of your personal information. You have the right to obtain a copy of the personal information we hold about you by contacting us as directed above. In certain circumstances Rainlight may deny a request to obtain a copy of your personal information when: (i) providing access to information would have an unreasonable impact on the privacy of others; (ii) the information relates to a legal proceeding or an investigation; (iii) we are required by law or contract not to disclose the information; (iv) we have an option under law not to disclose the information and have formed a good faith view that it would be inappropriate to provide access; (v) we are unable to verify your identity or residency at the time the request is made; or (vi) it is otherwise lawful to refuse the request.
  2. Correct your personal information. You may request that we rectify any inaccurate and/or complete any incomplete personal information by contacting us as directed above. If we disagree and believe the information to be accurate and complete, we will advise you and include a notation on the record that you dispute the information’s accuracy.
  3. Withdraw your consent to processing. You may, as permitted by law, withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal information at any time by contacting us as directed above. Such withdrawal will not affect the lawfulness of processing based on your previous consent. Please note that if you withdraw your consent, you may not be able to benefit from certain service features for which the processing of your personal information is essential.
  4. Object to processing. You may, as permitted by law, request that we stop processing your personal information by contacting us as directed above.
  5. Erasure. You may request that we erase your personal information by contacting us as directed above. We will comply, unless there is a lawful reason for not doing so.
  6. Lodge a complaint. We suggest that you first contact us as directed above regarding any questions or complaints in relation to your rights or how we process your personal information.  However, this does not limit your right to directly contact your local data protection authority.


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