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  1. Yggdrasil Launches in London at Inside Norway

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    Showcasing the best of British design and Norse mythology, the Yggdrasil rug collection, combines exquisite design, skilled craftmanship and delicate natural materials. In this collaboration the designer Yorgo Lykoria and the creative lead of Volver Ksenia Stanishevski have translated the visionary and bold designs into modern masterpieces.

    Volver, which was introduced to Lykouria via the cross-cultural events, organized during the pandemic by the Design Dialogue UK and Norwegian Presence by Design and Architecture in Norway. They saw an opportunity to harness Lykouria’s multi-faceted approach with this exciting new partnership. The collaboration resulted in four rug design in tree color variations each

    In their design discussions, Yorgo and Ksenia, challenged the limits of art, design and craft. The original sketches are intricate highly detailed abstract compositions inspired by the London graffities. They are organic, wild and dark. These qualities were translated and modified to create exquisite luxury rugs with richness of textures, elevations and colors.

    The collection consists of four designs Yggdrasil, Urd, Verdande and Skuld. The rugs are  hand tufted with an excellent level of detail, equal to the craft applied in houte couture.

    Inside Norway
    This event brings together a selection of some of the best Norwegian manufacturers of contemporary retail and contract furniture and interior accessories.



  2. Phlox Launches at NeoCon

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    With the workplace environment dramatically changing, we have decided to produce a new collection for the one thing that is a constant in our world. With nature in mind, we are bringing a moment of calm to the evolving workplace.

    Rainlight collaborated with Okamura’s designers and engineers to develop the new Phlox series. It is a pleasure to collaborate once again with Okamura, following the tremendous success of the Traverse and Nagare series. Not only were they able to take our designs to production through these challenging times, but have exceeded all expectations in creating this series with precision and quality.

    The Phlox collection jointly developed with Rainlight and Okamura, is a collection that is suitable for a dramatically changing workplace environment, aiding in both physical and mental well-being.

    See more of Phlox at Okamura.com

  3. Townhall Collection Lookbook

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    Townhall groups movable soft seating, tables, and accessories into multifunctional and agile micro-environments for individual and group work in shared, open spaces.

  4. Arcadia x Rainlight at NeoCon 2019

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    07/06/2019 – Arcadia takes part in NeoCon 2019 and presents its new collections of seating and table products for public spaces.

    Allsorts, designed by Rainlight 

    From its bold stature and relaxed seated style to its use of mixed materials and varied upholstery combinations, there are reasons aplenty to love AllSorts. With table and technology options providing multi-purpose functionality, this fun-spirited seating collection is designed to support individual work as well as offer a friendly atmosphere for group dynamics of all kinds.

    Smallsorts, designed by Rainlight

    Ideally suited for healthcare, education, retail environments and more, this kid-sized collection is playful in nature with oversized comfort and well-intentioned versatility. Together with its grown-up counterpart, youngsters of all sizes can have a space to call their own for transforming wait times into play times.

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  5. Living in a Box: Big ideas for small spaces

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    Rainlight Creative Director, Yorgo Lykouria, discusses microliving and BoxLife design with Anna Fixsen of Architectural Digest, Jenn Chang of Common, Elisa Orlanski Ours of Corcoran Sunshine, and Scavolini Creative Director Daniele Busca.

    54% of the 7.6 billion humans on earth live in cities; by 2050, that number is expected to rise to 66% of a forecasted world population of 9.6 billion. The strain is being felt around the globe, according to the United Nation‚’s World Urbanization Prospects 2014 report.

    In North America, about 82% of the total population, roughly 473.8 million people lives in urban areas. The number of single-person households is rising, although housing has not kept pace with demographic change. Many of the new units being built are shrinking, challenging municipal housing codes and zoning regulations. This problem is not going away. We need to question not only how we live but what we expect from our dwellings from a design perspective, both aesthetically and its functionality. It is time to explore alternatives, such as micro-units for single-person households and legal shared housing, which will inevitably impact how we organize and furnish our spaces.

    A panel of industry experts (developers and public sector experts) from North America to London, led by Rainlight Creative Director Yorgo Lykouria, will investigate the opportunities and challenges these global trends pose to the design community.

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  6. Allsteel’s Townhall Collection Designed by Rainlight Wins Interior Design’s Best of Year Award

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    Allsteel’s Townhall Collection Designed by Rainlight Wins Interior Design’s 2018 Best of Year Award. Townhall is a collection of movable soft seating, tables and accessories that is inspired by human-centric design – movable, but not mobile. The collection supports multiple functions, new postures and diverse activities and provides a system of components that create agile micro-environments with individual objects that complement and add variety to the landscape. The collection includes: Peak – a lounge grouping of chairs, chaises, ottomans and tables characterized by their organic, pebble-like shapes which vary in height and geometry. The asymmetrical design offers unique compositions to support a range of tasks and settings; Summit – a lightweight stacking stool, with footrest and slight ‘bounce’ allowing for movement; Picnic – a collection of seated and bar height tables, seats, benches and stools, narrow in scale to fit the ‘in-between’ space; Rock – a chair that provides a fun, captivating option to the rocking chair or beanbag and celebrates the ‘fidget’. Its unique shape supports an upright posture for engaged participation, while providing a base that encourages action and motion; Wedge – a high-back chair designed for moments of both collaboration and respite; and Cloud – a discreet and thoughtfully designed screen that provides privacy where it’s needed and is aesthetically pleasing when positioned on its own.

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